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Game Version 1.0
FAQ Version 1.0

Game & FAQ Copyright (c) 2006
Joshua Dallman / Red Thumb Games


- What is SPLOIDZ?
- How to Play
- Beginning Strategies
- Advanced Tactics
- Game Tricks
- Hidden Game Modes
- Credits


SPLOIDZ is a totally free, fun, easy to play gem dropping and matching game. Clever players plan ahead and resist the temptation of a quick match for truly big combos. How many SPLOIDZ will you explode? If you like Tetris or Bejewelled, you'll love this free game! Developed by Red Thumb Games.

/// HOW TO PLAY ///

SPLOIDZ are colored gems that release energy when matched into threes.

Click in a column to drop your next gem into that column. Match three of a color down or across to explode all gems touching of that color. Try to get big matches and big combos.

Collect the gems that spell the word SPLOIDZ to complete each level.

Nukes and missiles destroy gems around them. Magnets destroy gems of the color it lands on.

The game ends if your gem stack reaches the top of the screen.

New rows are always being added, so hurry!


» High Stack
- simple rule, but easy to forget: focus on reducing the highest columns first!
- when any column is halfway up the screen or higher, pay attention to it!

» Click Fast
- think fast and click fast! this ain't Tetris; you don't have to wait for your piece to land before you drop the next one

» Don't Block 2's
- when you have 2-up or 2-across, don't block the potential match with another color gem unless setting up a combo

» Goal Setting
- set a goal: survive, collect letters, set up a combo, or idle play
- change your goal depending on the situation

» Go for Letters
- to beat levels, focus on matching letter gems and not just any old gem
- if your screen is full and you only need 1 or 2 more letters to beat the level, focus on getting those letters to clear the screen

» Magnet
- when you get a magnet, scan the screen to see what color you have the most of, and drop on that color to clear the most gems
- don't drop right away; instead, wait for the next row to come in; if the next row contains a letter, drop on the color of the letter

» Black Gems
- match vertically, not horizontally; a horizontal surface is unlikely to stay even long enough to get three
- drop them in the far-left or far-right columns since those have reduced horizontal match potential due to the game border; they will take up the least valuable "real estate" here

» Head Start
- when a level starts, you get an extra-long timer before the first row is added - use this time to clear as much of the existing stack as you can


» Stack Cutting
- when you have a single high column, don't match-three with the top gem in the column; that is too slow, you only remove one gem, and you must make the stack higher to do so
- instead, "cut" from the stack's bottom by matching in an adjacent column

» Group without Matching
- wherever you can, group as many of the same color gem around one another WITHOUT matching them
- only add the "match" gem when there are no more you can add without a match
- use this strategy to get high gem count single matches!

» Avoid Easy Three's
- if you get three same-colored gems in a row and match only them together, you have done nothing but waste time and gain very little points
- instead, use them to try and build a bigger combo!

» Four's and Five's
- four and five gems in a row across are a powerful way to build high matches
- drop all of a single color gem in the following order on a level surface:
- Four: [1] [2] [4] [3]
- Five: [1] [2] [5] [3] [4]
- build even bigger matches by dropping gems on each column before the final match explodes all gems

» Steps
- build 2x2 repeating "steps" for huge single matches! for example:


» Combo at Bottom
- when setting up big combos, do it at lower parts of your stack where there is less activity and you are more likely to have the combo setups hold until their payoff

» Kamikaze
- if you're about to lose, don't give up! click as fast as you can to fill the screen with gems in a last-ditch effort to get random matches or a life-saving power-up
- the more gems you drop, the more chances you have of getting a power-up

» Blitzkrieg
- you can quickly clear gems by looking at your next gem, dropping it on the highest of its color on the screen, and quickly repeating, with no further strategy or thinking
- akin to "dumb AI", it's not elegant and won't get you big points, but sometimes a good blitzkrieg will get you out of trouble
- practice doing this as fast as you possibly can


» More Power-ups
- the game gives you power-ups ONLY if you have at least one column that is high
- to get more power-ups, keep at least one high column (above half-way up)
- groom the column so you don't lose, but keep it high enough to get an increased number of power-ups

» Mid-air Matches
- when you get a match with gems above it, before the gems above fall down you can match them in mid-air (if timed right)

» Stop the Belt
- as long as you match gems you pause the belt, so match fast to keep the belt totally frozen!


There are three hidden game modes, accessible by clicking a secret "easter egg" square on the main menu! Click in the upper left corner of the screen to access (just to the left of the red plunger).

The options are as follows:

- Starts the standard "arcade" game mode of collecting letters to pass levels

- Play indefinitely with no level structure; see how long you can last in this "marathon" game mode!

- You have only five minutes to play; get the highest score you can in that time period! No rows are added, so set up the biggest combos and matches you can!

- There are only a dozen unique arcade levels; however, clicking this option unlocks additional ones, bringing the total to 20. The unlocked levels are much harder; try getting to level 20 after selecting this option!

/// CREDITS ///

Joshua Dallman

Lead Programmer
Andreas "Black" Kirsch

Lead Artist
Magnus Blikstad

Prototype Programming
David House

Graphic Design
Nicole Anguish

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