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SPLOIDZ is a totally free, fun, easy to play gem dropping and matching game. Clever players plan ahead and resist the temptation of a quick match for truly big combos. How many SPLOIDZ will you explode? If you like Tetris or Bejewelled, you'll love this free game!

Developed by Red Thumb Games.

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Click to download now! (4 megs)

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Here's what people are saying about this free game!

"Why oh why did you have to create such an addictive game... this gem of a puzzle game is made even sweeter by the shiny graphics and funky sounds. 10/10"
- Robert Russell

"Really great bubble popper! Very well polished, definitely has that addictive nature. Good effects, sounds, graphics, and really solid. A+!"
- Timothy Aste

"Great job... addicting game! Looks and plays great."
- Tom Bentz

"Great game. Last night I almost couldn't stop playing."
- Aun Arinyasak

"Very impressed with the quality of it. Game looks great and plays even better."
- Fredrik S.

Get it from CNET!

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