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Logo and other artwork must be prepared and emailed to us for us to be able to promote your game. The following items are needed:
Game logo as follows:
  • width: 100 pixels - 220 pixels
  • height: 100 pixels - 220 pixels
  • jpeg and png or gif format
  • under 10k in filesize
  • should contain logo AND art: it's a mini "virtual box"

Full text of your game's EULA/End User License Agreement (attach in a text file)
Company logo as follows
  • width: 50 pixels - 120 pixels
  • height: 50 pixels - 120 pixels
  • jpeg and png or gif format
  • under 10k in filesize

Game screenshots. Make sure they are for your final build and not old screenshots. Show a variety of levels (especially later levels) and include screenshots of menu screens for variety. Since developers know their games better than we ever could, show off some "cool stuff" that a beginning player may not be able to to do. Leverage the development version's free cam and take some shots that you couldn't take in the game. Show off your product!

Screenshot format as follows:

  • up to 16 images
  • image size should be exactly 640 x 480 pixels
  • jpeg format
  • MUST be under 85k filesize
  • zip screenshots in a seperate file

Isolated game art. VERY IMPORTANT - we need additional images to spruce up your product page! Specifically we are looking for in-game objects that are isolated from their backgrounds. For example, a tank game might have tank models with plain white backgrounds; a jewel game may show all the different kinds of jewels with white backgrounds; a golf game might show the player model ready to tee off against a white background. This step is very important towards getting a product page looking great!
Additional marketing art or copy. Any additional art you have - a high res version of your game logo, website ad copy for the product, anything - if you think we can use it in some way, include it here.
Gameplay video footage. If you have a trailer for your game that does NOT advertise your website for direct sales, let us know and we will host and post the trailer on your GarageGames product page.
Assemble these files into a zip file and email to:


If you need any help, please email
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