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DRM (Ignition) Request Form

Ignition is the GarageGames DRM (digital rights management) and e-commerce solution.
Ignition is optional for all games. Ignition is universal for Windows, OSX, and Linux games.


Do you want copy protection on your game?


Do you want players to download your game and use a purchased key to unlock the full version?

Note: Players will only have to download once. Without DRM, they have to download the demo, purchase, then download the full version.


Are your demo and full version filesizes similar?

Note: Generally a smaller demo nets more downloads than a larger one.


Do you have programming resources to add DRM to your game?

Note: Examples are provided and implementation is simple, but GarageGames does not add DRM to your game.


Are you ready to add DRM to your game?


If these are all YES then continue below.


If you need any help, please email
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