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Game Submit to Quality Assurance

Use this form when you are ready to have us review your final, GarageGames build of your game.


Does your game have an installer? (send installer version of game, not ZIP file)


Does your game include the GarageGames logo as the first startup screen in the game?


Does your demo version include a BUY NOW button that links to your product page?


When the trial version of your game exits, does it open a browser window to your product page to purchase the full version?


Have you added DRM (Ignition) if your game needs it, and did you verify it works?


If using DRM (Ignition), did you make your demo expire after a set time and go to a purchase screen?


If using Torque, have you removed all the editors and hotkeys (console, free cam, etc.)?


If these are all YES then continue below.

Test procedures:
a) Installs Properly
b) Ignition passes
c) Demo Timer functions properly
a) Runs properly
b) Acceptable memory usage
c) Stability
d) Graphics
e) Sound
f) Multiplayer
g) GUI elements
h) Purchase screen/Splash Screen
I) Console/Editor Disabled?
a) Uninstaller runs properly

The more of the above test procedures you can check on your own before sending it in, the less chance in sending back for last minute fixes and the quicker they can be verified.

NOTE: The final QA is performed as a quick pass to ensure the integrity of the products we publish. If too many problems are found, the QA process will stop, and your game will be rejected until a more acceptable and complete Release Candidate is ready and re-submitted. We are not a substitute for in-house QA.

When you're ready to send the final game build, click below to upload and send:


Be sure to put the game name in the comments along with any special instructions.

If you need any help, please email
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